Expertise, Experience, and Professionalism

Agent and Angel!

Rebecca’s fervent energy and effervescent personality grab you and don’t let go…she exudes warmth and radiates abundant and positive energy while dedicating her expertise, experience, and professionalism to closing the deal, and in the process applies her magic. How many agents can sell a property the first day of an open house during a torrential rainstorm AND negotiate an offer 10k over the sales price?!?

Rebecca goes above and beyond what any agent is required to do. If you’re as fortunate as I to have met her, you will discover this beautiful, kind soul who will bring your real estate needs to a perfect end and a lasting friendship to a wonderful beginning. 

Rebecca has represented me in the sale and purchase of multiple properties and become a trusted friend. Personally and professionally, she is the epitome of goodness, honesty, and integrity. 

Sold a home and bought a home with Rebecca Sekulich


— Jackie G